Alexander Grey is a London based DJ spanning 20 years of experience on dance floors here at home as well as around the world. Starting with a passion for jungle and drum n bass and progressing through London’s incredibly vibrant music scene he developed a love for electro and minimal house.

He began his musical journey as a teenager focusing his attention and enthusiasm on the production of music, whilst simultaneously teaching himself how to mix with various records he had collected. 
Being an excellent selector came naturally to him and being an avid vinyl collector catapulted Alexander to create his unique and organic sound which influenced his journey into electronic music. Alexander began releasing tracks under various aliases in his early twenties before taking a long break to focus on his career outside of music.

Alexander has a deep appreciation for many different music genres including jazz, funk, reggae and hip hop which have helped to shape his eclectic and unique sound today. His most recent podcasts take you on a journey sampling his love of the varying and wide range of sounds that have influenced him over the years, from minimal and rolling beats surrounded by atmospheric pads to melodic synths coupled with groovy basslines and a minimal flair conjuring up an experience of sound that would satisfy the most discerning music lover