Becker is a London based German DJ and producer. He specialises in playing deep hypnotic beats and groovy rhythms that feature dub-influenced house, breaks, Electro & Techno.

Becker has developed his current sound identity from his experiences whilst djing and partying at some of Europe’s top electronic music locations. After moving to London in 2010, his huge love for music guided him towards a career in the industry, where he became a Sound engineer, working in some of the cities most illustrious rave venues one of which is the world-famous Fabric.

After years of experimenting with and tweaking the sounds that he loves, Becker has now found his identity.

You can catch him playing for new London outfit Ritmo London where he is a permanent fixture as a party resident dj and family member.

Expect to hear more about Becker after reading this. Big things are imminent.