Pre social media class A selector. An era where one would purely gain recognition from his ability and selection, 

There’s rumours of where Danny got tagged with ‘Kaos’ along the years, for those who know, know.

One of London underground dance scene’s key player’s over the years. There’s not many with the capacity or selection to bust very generous sets on the technics, without the wheels falling off. Kaos on the other hand knows the rules, but more importantly how to break them. 

After cutting his teeth with shows on Flava fm in ’02 with the garage and grime set, young Kaos marched through the rankings with his gully selection, going on to causing carnage on many a dancefloor. 

5 years on Force FM from 04-09 ranging from Garage and House into the tech before the scene exploded. One of the only DJs to stay on when Project London FM came around  only house and techno station in the city and surrounds. 

Providing that ear candy for the regulars on the London circuit from circa ’06. 14 years of putting sounds through systems. 
Holding down residencies at house and terrace near on a decade before 338 came to town and playing games at the infamous Project parties in Ibiza, he vs the generator kind of games 18hour sets in coves and caves!

Festivals, main rooms, on the airwaves and love for the afters. This one’s laid it down on the lot.