Born and raised on the UK sound, a mish mash of house and garage, it was only a matter of time before Dela got his hands on a set of decks. Dela now follows in the steps of his father who once used to lay down hard house riddims back in the early 90s at a variety of underground nightclubs. It’s easy to identify where the inspiration came from that got Dela started; stepping into a nightclub for the first time further cemented this idea in his head.
With a broad knowledge of electronic music, Dela will take you on a journey through the genres dipping into whatever style he sees fit, allowing the selection to speak for itself.

In just a couple of years time, Dela locked in his spot at London’s leading underground radio station that goes by the name, Project London. Each and every Sunday, Dela steps up and takes over the airwaves, even getting the chance to lay down some of his latest music productions.

When the government suggested we stay indoors, Dela was sure to make the most of it and saw this as an opportunity to add music production to his repertoire. Doing so has since led to Dela putting out his debut release on the label, Bumpcast Recordings. The VA features Dela’s track Home Invasion, sandwiched in between 5 other killer UKG weapons.

Fuelled with ambition, Dela hopes to fill up some of his favourite clubs, just the way they were when he first stepped foot on the dance floor.