My names Ellzo, I’m a South East London based DJ. I mix a lot of punchy minimal/minimal house, I always look to bring energy to my sets through the music I play. 

I began teaching myself how to mix at an early age of 16 and has been my passion ever since. DJ EZ and my Dad were my main 2 inspirations  for wanting to be a DJ. My Dad being a vinyl DJ mixing soul and garage music back in the 80s and DJ EZ style of mixing has always fascinated me. 

Garage/Grime was the type of music I used to mix to begin with, which slowly turned into Tech House and Deep house and now has evolved into Minimal/Deep Tech or whatever you wanna call it!

I like to call the style of music I play ‘UK sound’ as it’s hard to put a finger on exactly the name of the genre. It involved minimal, minimal house, tech house & deep house so UK sound will so!

I am learning the craft of mixing on wax as it’s something I’ve always appreciated and wanted to be able to do. Love having a dig in record shops across London so if you can’t find me I’ll probably be in Phonica Soho! 

I’ve played out a handful of times at venues like Basing House, Arcadia, and The Cause. I have also done mixes for the likes of NOVA and BackToBack for their mix series’ which you can find on soundcloud.

Residencies: Certified London & Project London Radio

I’ve been with Project for just over a year now and have loved the service they provide and the family that come with it. It’s a wicked platform to play your style of underground music. I’m on every 2nd and 4th week of the month (Friday 6-8PM)

I have plenty of mixes on my SoundCloud, all my project shows will be put on there along with my ELLSENTIALS mix series where I provide a full hour of music I have gathered since the last part of the series!