IzSpy (or Iz) is a young and knowledgeable DJ hailing from Hornchurch in Essex. Coming from a family of Music lovers and instrumentalists, the passion is deep routed in this versatile DJ and Producer.

From producing heavy hitting tech house, to deep rolling minimal beats, as the time goes by Iz is developing a sound of his own.

“Sticking to the London tech house sound at first really helped me understand what goes into making the music I want to make now, and I can start branching off and putting my own twist on certain sub genres. As a DJ I mix a wide variety of music, and will like to implement this sometimes in my productions”

IzSpy always delivers in his DJ sets; covering a range of personal productions, to favourites old and new, to the underground house that Project London Radio is known for.

Since joining Project in March 2020 Iz has learned a little more about the deeper side in London’s Underground House scene; and will now tend to mix in some of the best Vinyl records you won’t hear everywhere else. Having a good understanding of the roots in House music, Iz always packs his bag with the best beats from 1986 up to the modern-day.

Good vibes only ?