Jamie started to build his collection of music and records around the age of 20 after buying his first piece of basic equipment. Self taught with a keen interest in building his knowledge and skill, he started to indulge more time into playing his tracks and developing techniques. Starting his journey working up North in the bars of Twilite, Leeds and Niche in Sheffield.

Bassline was the favoured beat of the cities and sound he had been
familiar with from his early teens and so Basseline is what he began to practice with.

Later Jamie was introduced to a whole different experience after attending the open-air festival, Cocoon In The Park. Here is where he became enthused by electronic sounds of house and techno. Engiergised by electronic sub genres and the whole atmosphere experienced at festivals and raves up and down the country, meeting new people and DJ’s, inspired Jamie to invest more time and money into new equipment and into expanding his music collection.

After parties, following events by ‘Jacked’ and ‘Groovebox’ in Lincoln, gave Jamie an opportunity to demonstrate his talent, he then was invited to play at “Groovebox’ and then on the Solid Grooves tour of 7 Cities in Lincoln.

Teaming up with his cousin Will from Manchester and Uncle, Snake Davis
(Saxophonist), began their own nights under the name of ‘Le Manc’, These nights were a more stripped back sound of groovy house and disco, however, the urge to play his deeper vibes grew and he was eager to get back to into it. In March 2020 during the lockdown, Jamie landed a fortnightly slot on Project London. Since then he has found a new buzz and indulged in a collection of underground vinyl and is excited to share his collection of records.