In 2006, a young guy found inspiration from his ventures around town as a raver, listening to quality music only found at such places like EGG, 1001, SecretSundaze, Sosho etc. It didn’t take long before this young guy started collecting the songs he was dancing to in these nightclubs. After being approached by a promoter to perform regular sets, the name Lee b3 came into play, totally unrestricted, Lee had the chance to play whatever he feels like and experiment with sounds still found as if not even more popular today.

Ultimately this has led to Lee being known for his distinctive selection of music, he’s known to play the darkest, yet most groovy songs, a sound that Leroy has now developed through his own music productions, also involved in projects with Defected records/ Audio Rehab / Eastside records + Many more .

LEROY aka Lee b3 Edwards was one out of 9 DJ’s involved with House Entertainment UK and also CSWS .

Leroy has had heavy involvement in the underground and BEFREE events.

Leroy has featured on a majority of the events within the infrastructure, including the most popular UK Zoo Party.

Bookings will see Leroy feature throughout the UK, & Overseas!