Liam grew up in East London with many influences including rave, Hardcore, Jungle & the jacking momentum of Chicago house as his father Allen Moriarty was producing from the late 80’s rave scene and still going.

At a young age he regularly listened to pirate radio stations and recorded them on tape this is where Liam’s passion and inspiration for electronic music began. Liam knew that music would one day become the focus of his life, whether it be listening to the pirate radio stations, playing records in his bedroom, going to the studio with his friends or performing at some of London’s best-known music venue’s. Liam gained his own identity by teaching himself how to play rather than copying the sounds of other Dj’s.

Although their influence inspired him to play music, he decided that he needed to have his own unique sound. Listening to the likes of Jazz, Funk, Soul, underground tech & Balearic minimal techno this formed his own distinctive feel. Liam is well on his way to becoming an established presence in the London Underground house scene and is currently working on his production and will be releasing some tracks soon this year and next!