It all started for Reece when he was 12 back in early secondary school around 04/05. Reece used to have a paper round and save up his money and buy drum and bass/jungle tape packs from his local record shop Locos in Chatham Kent. A few more years past and his mum got him his first set of belt drive turntables for his birthday with a few vinyls.

Reece spent endless hours locked in his bedroom with only 6 vinyls just practicing and learning how to DJ! He then got in with some of local Djs who played at his local youth club with the likes of Macky Gee, Erb n Dub and Harry Shotta. He then got onto pirate radios like Cyndicut Fm and had a residency on Ruff Radio in Gillingham.From there on Reece’s passion for music grew and started producing his own music on fruity loops and reason! He also got his first set at his local Club called The Loft at the age of 17! Reece carried on playing around Kent at local bars and clubs and some illegal raves! 

In 2012 Reece went to Ibiza for the first time and instantly fell in love with the music he heard! Soon as he got back home he was on records shops online purchasing loads of house records and finding new artists. From there it was all about the underground sound and the dark rooms of the club and the heavy kick drums! Reece then got a residency at The Source bar in Maidstone and Mojos in Chatham playing his new love for underground house music!

From there on the journey continued and Reece’s vinyl collection grew either bigger and his name was getting more noticed!Reece then became to play more in London at the likes of Brixton Academy, Electric Brixton, Fire & Lightbox and Ministry of Sound just to name a few! In the summers Reece would play at several festivals each year and also had a Residency for Random in Ibiza which was always his dream! Reece is still playing now and producing a lot of records and spending a lot of his time living on Discogs.